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Okay so though my family considers me an audio snob, I must admit I am quite the newbie when it comes to home audio, I just appreciate crisp treble and deep non distorted base which in my families opinion seems me an audio snob. So I’m currently in the process of building a quality home audio set up for music and cinema with a stronger emphasis on music. Before anyone laughs, I currently have a hodgepodge of speakers because I admittedly made purchases I now regret because at the time of purchase I got caught up with the deal without taking the time to plan my system in advance. So it started with a trip to Best Buy where I got a bangin deal on a pair of Klipsch R-28f speakers for $400 for the pair which I jumped on because it was in my opinion too good of a deal to walk away from. I paired them with a gifted Polk PSW 108 powered sub, and the amp that my husband had which is an Onkyo TX-SR373. After doing a bit of research for center channel speakers I ended up purchasing a Polk LsiM706c. So I’m not sure if it is the receiver, the mix match speakers or something else entirely, but I am not loving the sound at all. I can barely hear the center speaker that has unbelievable ratings and cost a pretty penny, I feel the towers take over, I can hear the deep thump I expected to from the sub. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am totally fine with replacing what needs replacing and sell these or use in another room. Should I buy a better receiver? Should I start over? Maybe keep a couple of speakers and pair with other towers? I’d like to keep budget under 3k if possible, but if ideal sound is to cost more I’m willing to slowly rebuild system but at moment budget only allows around 3 grand total.


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Hi there.

First make sure you have connected everything correct, so plus goes to red at receiver and speaker side. Then run the setup with mic. As the AccuEQ only has one mic position it`s fast to do again. See page 16 for instructions. Place the mic in the main seating position and around seated ear height, i hope you have some tripod/camera stand or something you use as stand for the mic. It should be higher than backrest of your seating and if your couch is against wall have the mic more forward, half meter or so. Do this when you can get the room fully silent and get away from mic/speakers when you run it. Have the mic pointing to ceiling.

After it has completed go in to manual speaker setup. See page 29 in the manual. Check that speaker size is Small for all speakers, they often aren´t so change em. Then go to X-over and if you have something like 40, 60hz for mains and center channel, change them to 80hz for starters. Save settings and put some bluray movie on to test how it sounds.

PS. For the subwoofer behind it check that knobs are as follow before running AccuEQ:

- Connected to Line Level L or R to your Onkyo Subwoofer pre out 1
- Low Pass (hz) knob turn it all the way to right max hz
- Power ON (you can put Auto later)
- Phase switch to 0

No information about the room size or pictures so we could see the speaker placement. Before you run the setup try to optimize things like pushing the main speakers apart at least 2meters or more depending how far you sit. Also as they are larger floorstanders you want to push them forward some from the walls leaving ~1feet space behind if possible, 20cm minium. For the center channel have it on free air and if on top of av-unit then at the front edge of it, also as close to seated ear height as possible. Yes it´s tricky with tv`s, but it´s also one of the most active speaker in your system so put some effort.

For the subwoofer i would try 1/4 front wall length or if you have large space and aren`t afraid of strong (perhaps boomy) bass then front corner furthest from any opening. Subwoofer placement can make dramatic difference so you might want to try few spots if not being happy. Although i need to say that woofer is very cheap and likely one of those "one note wonders".

Report back how it sounds. It´s a little mixed bag, but we can certainly make it sound better.

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