Question Newbie looking for amp advice to match B&W CM8's


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Hello folks,
Just joined the forum as I am in the process of upgrading my stereo system from a very basic Ipod dock to a separates system and I'm looking for some advice.

I purchased a set of ex-demo B&W CM8 S2's in Rosewood last month for £1000. I listened to them with a Rotel A14 amp and also my old Denon AVR3802. The Rotel was miles ahead of the Denon but I wasn't blown away by it.

The speakers are still in the shop and I will collect them in a couple of weeks when I return from work so will have a chance to demo some other amps then. I feel I rushed into buying the speakers a bit and don't want to do that when I comes to buying the amp.

Looking at reviews online I fancy trying the Rega Elicit-R or splashing out for a second hand Naim Supernait 2.
It'll be solely a stereo system and not for Tv. I'll be streaming music from a Sonos connect but will eventually add a cd deck and turntable.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice about the amps mentioned?
The Rotel is supposed to match up well with B&W and it's what the dealer in the shop suggested.
The Rega and the Naim both get great reviews, would be Naim be overkill for the CM8's?
I know the amps are in different price ranges and I know I'll have to demo them to decide.
Looking forward to hearing some opinions.
My room size is 4m wide by 9m long. The speakers will be at the far end of the room and listening position will be half way so about 4.5m away.
Cheers. Jamsy.


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I think you'll need something more powerful than either the Naim or the Rega in a room that size.


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Edit: Room measurements were wrong, it's 3.62m wide x 6.7m long.
I thought the Naim would of been more than powerful enough to drive the CM8's. What do you suggest as an alternative?


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Are the speakers new ? I have the cm10s2 and they took an age to free up and the sound to really start coming out in clarity .


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Thanks, I'll take a look at those, I'd definitely consider s/h.

The speakers are ex-demo andybond so hopefully they are freed up by now. They did sound good when I heard them but I only compared them to a set of Dali's which were half the price.

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