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newbie - loads of questions on 37pf 9986

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by Ianch, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Ianch

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    Feb 19, 2005
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    so far this TV is my no. one choice but I've got some questions........

    Intend to use it initially with my current amp (Sony STR DB930) dvd player (Sony DVP S735D) and normal Sky box. It'll be wall hung with cables hidden in a wall cavity and I intend to go for the Audica CS1 speakers to complete the 'minimalist' look.

    My original plan to minimise the no. of cables was to go with a Pioneer 435xde with an external box but the more I read about these things the more I lean towards LCD rather than Plasma.

    Questions I've got are:-

    - how should I connect to my current set-up
    - due to the structure of the wall any cables will need to be routed around the back of the screen and into the wall around 4 inches from the right hand side as you look towards it - is there enough room between the panel and wall to achieve this.
    - to connect to the amp, sky, and dvd I'll will need approx 4m cables - will this be an issue (or just expensive !)
    - I've seen a number of threads on the 'humming' problem - do I really need to worry about this.
    - Extended warranties - was definately going to have one if I went for a plasma (I had a friend who's plasma died after 2 years) but everything I read about LCDs indicates a greater level of reliability..........

    I'd appreciate any help on the above.
  2. Alan D

    Alan D

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    Picking up on the "humming" - this contrast related humming appears to be specific to the 32" (others correct me if I'm wrong). You may get some low level "tizzing" from the Ambilight, but no contrast humming on the 37" AFAIK.

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