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Newbie: LG RZ42PX11 Vs Panny TH-42PWD6BX

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by JustSomeGuy, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. JustSomeGuy


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    Wow this is confussing ....

    So i've pretty much dismissed most of the new high street plasmas (Tiny, Goodmans, etc) and I think it comes down to either the LG or the Panasonic. I know there are plenty of better options, it just a matter of how far can i justify the price creeping.

    Please correct me when i go wrong. With the LG i can connect my sky box, my dvd and my pc directly to it and have picture in picture between the different sources. and i should get at least stereo if not some sort of vurtual suround sound out of its own speakers.

    The way i understand it, the panny is just a plasma screen and has no tunner or on-board sound - i was looking at buying from richersounds (http://ws4.richersounds.com/showproduct.php?cda=showproduct&pid=PANA-TH42PWD6B-BLK) So long term i would be best off with an AV processor thingy and a set of 5 or more speakers? to start with could i conect the sky digibox (just a normal Thompson one) directly to the screen? the digi box has sound out, can i conect this directly to speakers or push it through my normal stereo amp and speakers? would i also be able to connect the dvd and pc to the screen? does it have multi scarts and pc input? does the screen have a remote that can switch between sources? i guess P.I.P. would only come with the AV tuner route though? what are these connection boards that people talk about? what are the problems with connecting like solarasition and stuff?

    The LG route seems far simpler than the panny route, but i know that i'm paying for stuff that eventually will be replaced by the inevitable addition of AV tuner box and surround speakers. my thinking is at present that the biggest investment is the screen so i should get the best i can (very limited budget) as i can always upgrade tuner and speakers later. this would suggest the panny option. unless anyone has a better idea?

    any and all help gratefully received.
  2. phillfyspoon


    Oct 21, 2003
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    Your best off getting a bundle deal for the panny from avsales.com because they have everything in stock. RS dont have any terminal boards and try and sell u a cheap tuner box which isnt cheap lol.

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