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So about a year ago I got bit by the Home Theater bug and bought a Marantz NR1509 and B&W MT50 5.1 package for the lounge. Since then I have changed the LCR to Dali Oberon 1 and Vokal. I have also moved the system into the converted garage so I can play loud without bothering the neighbours! The room is a typical U.K. garage rectangle with the MLP in the middle facing forwards so good space for 7.1. I am going to upgrade the AVR to either Marantz SR6014 of Denon X4500 for 7.1.4. My question is, I believe I can add a power amp for the rear heights (as both amps only have 9 power channels) if I use the NR1509 as the extra amp how do I set it all up regarding the volume control on the 1509 and how would the powering on/off of both amps and the remote control work? There is no 12v trigger on the 1509 so if I used the 6014 remote for volume changes would it screw up the 1509? So many questions! I can’t afford an 11 amp receiver and if I went 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 I would always have the itch that I am missing something


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You would work out where the volume dial needs to be on the Marantz so that the volume of tg hge speakers connected to that amp, are as close as possible to the speakers connected to the other AVR.

Once you have found that volume, leave it there permanently.

If you are unlucky and the remote control of the main amp also is changing the volume on the second amp, you may be able to switch the second amp to a different RC code. Or, just cover up the IR receiver on the amp.

These work quite well to add triggers to amps that don't have them:

Or, you could use a harmony remote to switch both amps on and off together.

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