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Hi all

I've just moved into a property and have found myself with a small-ish room which would be ideally suited to turning into a bit of a home cinema/computer game room.

So, I've been looking at projectors online and have browsed the website a little but have found myself getting a bit confused (i have no knowledge of projectors!)

Basically, I'm looking for as good a projector as I can get for around the £400 mark. Any advice? I'm also wanting to be able to connect my xbox, tv, surround sound, blu-ray player...so is there so any splitter/adaptor that would be needed to do that?

Any advice would be much appreciated as a bit lost at the moment!

Cheers, Matt


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Your best bet at £400 is the Optoma HD600x it's the best there is at around the price.


Regards connecting up your kit what surround sound system do you have.The projector has 2 hdmi inputs and component so you can connect the bluray player and x box directly but better through the sound system if it has the correct input/outputs.


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Thanks for the quick reply kbfern.

I did see that one online. Would you say its better than the Abis LX-LED-2?

Full HD LED Projector 50,000 Hours of Bulb Life

Seems to be reduced to £400, and it says it is greater than 720p?

With regards to surround sound system, I don't actually have one yet! Will be getting one along with the projector. So you would recommend ensuring the surround sound system had ports to connect xbox, blu-ray etc?


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The blurb alone on the page you linked to puts me off that projector instantly, you should stick with the one recommended or have a look at the classifieds.

Re: surround sound, depending on your devices make sure there's sufficient inputs to match what's plugging into it.


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These abis projectors in the past have been very confusing with their claims and have usually touted low resolution projectors as hd ready when they were not.

Their current range seem to have a bit more info but I am still sceptical, their 1280 x 800 is really a native 4:3 ratio rather than 16:9 which is preferred for movies and games.

I would rather recommend a proper widescreen projector from a known and respected manufacturer than from a company with a dubious past.

The abis may be ok and it may suit your needs but you will not get anyone on here that knows anything about projectors recommending one over a manufacturer like Optoma.

Regards your surround sound what money do you have set aside so that we can recommend something suitable.
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