newbie help with speaker cable


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After lots of listening at my local superfi, I have now purchased the denon df102 and b&w600 speakers (was planning on cheaper speakers but in my opinion the sound didn't compare)

I now need some speaker cable:
It needs to be white preferably so it doesn't stand out and able to fit between the skirting board and carpet.
I need lengths of 7.5m and 3.5m
I'm not loking to spend too much at first.

I probably won't be able to test any cable before I buy.

Can I attach the cables just with the bare wire ends or are terminator plugs advisable?


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Something I've picked up about speaker cables that makes a lot of sense to me is that by adding connectors to your cables you will not improve the sound they can only maintain the signal or degrade it. With this in mind, as my wall mounted satellites are going nowhere I've kept it simple and have them bare wire, my floorstanders might need shifting from time to time (if only to hoover up under them) so I have banana plugged them. The amp end is all banana plugs.

I'm a bit of a noob too so I shouldn't really be recommending cables but I found out that QED cables are rated and after a lot of searching found the best deal for what I was after from superfi and I'm really impressed with the difference between these and the noname ofc ones that I had been using.

HTH. :)


i have some really old gold plug style one, really heavy, quite thick, no idea what make they are, but im not changing!



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:blush: I've been looking at another site and QED SA's seem to be a running joke over there. They complain that they are too bright. It might just be a clique thing though, as I can't imagine that QED would ruin their rep by producing an overly crap range. It might be worth looking a bit harder just in case.

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Mods : Apologies for mentioning rival forum by name and thanks for editing my post for me. :smashin:


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The Silver anniversary is a bit too bright for my ears, with my system, and I could not really suggest any one use it, based on my personal experience. Others probably like it, different ears, different systems etc. Given the length of cable you want, I would suggest that try and get 4mm2 stuff, and the Profigold
is probably as good as any.
Bare wire connections are fine, as long as you are not forever swapping boxes around, in which case these are pretty good connectors, and fasten with a screwdriver, no soldering required.


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try van den huls snowline, good cable, white and a reasonable price.:thumbsup:

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