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I've been lurking around these forums trying to decide on my first setup. The more I read the more confused I get.

At the moment I have the Sony ps-lx310bt with a bluetooth speaker.

I've came across this setup 2nd hand - Marantz CD 6006, Marantz PM6006 black and Mission SX3 floor standing speakers and was wondering your thoughts?

Alternatively what sort of setup can you get for £700? Ideally i'd like a network connected amp and a CD player is a nice to have (Grandad has a collection of CD's I'd like to have) but i'm open to upgrading in the future and getting the best amp and speakers now that will allow me to listen to my record player.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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I think that Marantz/Mission combo will be hard to beat at £700, just add a Yamaha WXAD10 streamer to it and you have all bases covered. Something like the Yamaha RN602 may be an option for an amp with built in streamer/network.

the Marantz PM6006 also has a built in phono stage so you can try both the one inbuilt into the Sony trntable and the one in the Marantz and se which you prefer.


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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I thought it would be. Im guessing the Yamaha and some dali spektor 2's or similar priced speakers aren't really going to compete?


The Marantz cd6006 is one of the best players under £500 when new and would trouble many above that price point as well. The pm6006 will suit the Missions but won't like being pushed hard if your room is big. All in all for £700 an excellent deal.


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Looks smart too Have a look at the Marantz set up on post 5



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That’s a great price for a mighty fine hifi. You might search for weeks without matching it.

As Ugg10 says, add one of these and you have everything you’ll need, at a very good standard, for many years.

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