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Little Angel

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What is the best way to get the sounbd from my sky + box to my DHT 500SD?
At present I have scart to TV & audio cables to sky + box to get sound out through surround speakers, howver when I remove the audio cables I still get sound through speakers suggesting audio feed is going from sky + to tv (through) scart then back to Denon through scart.
Can anyone advise me?
Is it worth connecting denon & sky + with digital optical cables?
I don't understand why sound still coming out when audio cables not connected.
Thank you in advance for your help.


Cable Monkey

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Scart carries picture and sound so the audio connections are not required. However I would use optical for Sky+ as this will probably provide superior sound quality and make Dolby Digital transmissions available to you. I think you have to assign the optical in to the appropriate source (can a 500sd owner confirm?)

Little Angel

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Thank you for your reply.
I have removed the audio connections.
I have now also connected my sky + to my denon with an optical lead, however, If I pull the scart out of my tv whicvh comes from my denon I lose sound & picture. I would have thought that I would have just lost picture & not sound as it was a seperate connection. Is there a setting in my denon I have to change to enable the optical input?? I have had a look at the manual to no avail...

I am grateful for help with this.


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To play the sound from the optical in switch the Denon to 'Video 2' channel and press the 'input mode' button on the remote until it says 'Digital' on the display.

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