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Hi, my parents have recently bought a Samsung Hi 8 Camcorder (model VPW70). They have a Hitachi TV (model C36WF810N) and a Panasonic Video (model NVFJ710). If I connect the Camcorder to the TV either through a scart socket of using the yellow & white connectors on the front of the TV I can see the camcorder playing back. However, If I then try to record from the TV using the correct input ie AV1 or AV2 the VHS only records a pale grey screen and not the camcorder playback.

I can connect the camcorder direct to the VHS and record the camcorder image but I can then only monitor/ edit the playback through the camcorder eyepiece. What am I doing wrong?!! I want to be able to view the image on the TV whilst recording to VHS so I or my dad can edit the home videos.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, thanks.



I don't know any of the models you list, but in general this is the way to connect it all up.

Connect VCR to TV in normal way.
Connect camcorder to front AV sockets on VCR or spare scart socket on rear.
Set TV to the VCR channel/input.
Set the VCR to input that cam is connected.

You should now be able to see the video footage that is playing from the cam on the TV screen.



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Thats exactly what I did - because thats the way mine works. I can see video footage but instead of recording the image to VHS all the VHS shows on playback is a grey screen.


but in your first post Samstan you said you could only monitor your video through the camcorder eyepiece because it was not on your TV screen !!!

With your camcorder connected to your VCR - tune your TV to the VCR channel - Tune the VCR input to whatever input you are using - could be L1 /L2 / L3 or AV1/ AV2/ AV3 - don't know your VCR so can't be specific - when you press play on the camcorder the video should appear on your TV screen. you can now press 'rec/pause/stop' as required on your VCR to record the bits of video you want.


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Sorry I misunderstood I thought you ment connect the Camcorder to the TV. I'll get my dad to try this. Thanks.

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