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Newbie: General Q's about Blu Ray players


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Hi guys,

I'm finally ready to make the leap from DVD to Blu Ray. I am totally new to Blu Ray, and have a few general questions I'm sure the experts here will be able to answer :)

1) I own a bunch of DVD's from different regions around the world (Aus, UK, USA) but I currently live in the USA. From what I read, it's possible to make your DVD playing region free on a Blu Ray. I was considering a Sony but see that I'd probably have to buy a separate remote to make the DVD's play region free -- is this generally true of all brands of Blu Ray players? (With my old Philips DVD player I was able to make it region free with just the remote that came with it.)

2) I would plan to buy both UK & Aus Blu Ray discs to play on it (as well as USA Blu Ray discs, of course ;) ), but I read somewhere that the only way it's possible to watch any region of Blu Ray discs on your player is by physically modified it, or buying a pre-modified one. Is this generally true of most brands?

3) I watch a lot of divx (avi) and mkv files, and also may possibly listen to mp3s. I know some of the earlier Sony ones didn't support these file formats, but the recent ones do. Do most other brands support playing these files?

4) I'm also curious about one more thing... In the future we may move back from the USA to Australia -- Does anyone know if my USA Blu Ray player can possibly work on an Australian power supply and with Australian TVs? I know my Aussie DVD player didn't work with the TVs here :(

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to answer this noob's questions ;)


Evening BlueRutan and welcome

My friend that lives in Sydney told me the plug sockets are the same as the UK's in Oz. But with American equipment, even after you got the two-pin to 3 pin converter you would be getting into using a separate transformer just to make sure you could switch American equipment on safely.

As to whether you could just have HDMI between an American BD deck and an Aussie flat TV and not have NTSC/PAL issues between the two countries for Blu-Ray, an expert will be along shortly to either let you know or link to the answer (cheers Gavtech in advance :D )

MP3 and DivX support - you'd have to let us know the players you found at the time.
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