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Hello, I'm all new to this. I'm trying to copy my DVD collection and then allow me to play it back on a tablet. I've downloaded Hardbrake and created a copy but on play back the picture is breaking up and has a lot of squares in it and the sounds seems broken up. Had alook online and seen that it could that I don't have the correct codec installed on my pc, I've download and applied but still getting the same issues.
Can someone please guide me in the right direction, I would much appreciate it.

I've attached a screenshot so you can see what I mean.


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What Tablet ?

What format can this tablet play , or what app on this tablet are you using to play the copied video ?

Download mediainfo , its free , install it , highlight the copied file and right click on it , choose mediainfo and it will open a window showing all the details of the copied file , you need to make sure this matches a format that the tablet will play !



You've probably picked too high a profile if it's AVC/h264 or a high bitrate etc etc. make sure you get a player that can do hardware playback on your tablet if possible.


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Are you using handbrake on its own to rip your DVDs? Your picture looks like its the DVD copyright encryption that's causing the blocky picture.
I haven't used handbrake but I believe you need to use something else alongside handbrake to remove the copy protection. A quick google for a handbrake ripping guide should point you in the right direction.


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Thanks for your posts. Firstly I have not attempted to transfer the film to the tablet yet, the picture is just from playing back the file on the PC once its been ripped.
Im currently only using Hardbrake, thought that removed the copyright in the process but will do a search for any guides to try and help me.

The tablet im planning to use them on is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Update - Ive installed DVD43 which should deal with the copyright encryption, currently trying another copy so will report back with my findings.
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Tried again this time with a different profile selected (Universal) and DVD43 installed still getting the same results :(

Anyone have anyother ideas where I may be going wrong?

If its the software (handbrake) I don't mind trying another software if anyone can recommend any, just want a ripping software that's fairly easy to use with good results - and I don't mind paying rather than the free version downloads.


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Try DVDfab I have been really pleased with it, they do some sort of trial version before you spend any money.


You still haven't told us which Tablet you're using or which media player on that tablet.


The tablet im planning to use them on is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but I currently haven't even got to that stage of transferring them. Im copying and playing them back on my PC.

So this isn't a tablet issue at all then.

Take a screenshot of the options you're using in Handbrake. If they're not playing on a PC you're doing something very wrong!

Also what are you using to play them back?


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These are the settings I use for my Tab2.

Profile 3.1 h264 / 4.1 h264 (if fast pc)

1 pass 1500kbps for 2.35:1 ratio / 2000kbps for 16:9/1.77:1 ratio (keep 2000 for both if storage is not an issue).

AAC 160kbps audio

130-140% gain with the audio to increase audio volume

Profile 4.1 can show a little more sharpness but takes longer to encode. I still have single core 2.2Ghz so takes quite a while.

I use MX Player and BSPlayer Free which has hardware acceleration.

I can post some screenshots using the Tab2 screenshot facility if wanted.


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On the handbrake site , to the left is the "User Manual" .... click on that and the first item is "Handbrake , what it is , what it isnt".

It is plainly laid out in there what you are missing ?

DVD43 site ... the FAQ , first item , tells you that it is useless for what you want to do !

There is enough information posted in this thread for you to figure out what you need , but no-one can tell you .... against forum rules !


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Against forum rules??
Just to let everyone know Ive tried using DVDFab 9 and all working well and transferred and played on tablet fine.

Thank you for all your help as always :)

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