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    I'm new to these forums, so please be gentle :)

    My DVD player is on the blink, it doesn't seem to be able to focus the laser onto the second layer of a disk. There's no point in me getting it repaired as that would cost ~£50, so I'm thinking about buying a new one and, in particular, a DVD recorder. My basic requirements are:

    - has to record most formats (i.e. +/-R and +/-RW with RAM being a nice to have)
    - has to have very good playback quality
    - has to have multi-region playback
    - has to have good recording quality and an RGB scart socket on the back so I can record over RGB
    - has to be not more than £200

    I've been advised to consider getting one which is HD-DVD compatible, and also possibly one with a hard disc in.

    Any thoughts/ recommendations as to makes/ models that would fit the bill ?

    Thanks in advance,


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