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Hello there :clap:

I have just recently got in to Digi Camcorders so I thought it would be good to join this forum to help me along my way :D


I have just purchased a Sony DCR-HC14E Digi Camcorder

it can be seen here :-


to use the dv output do i have to buy an ieee1394(firewire) input adaptor? if so where is a good place to buy one in the uk? what is a good model to buy? what sort of price iam looking at paying? does this put the videos on my camcorder to my pc? also what sort of lead iam I looking?


I dont really like the software that came with the camcorder. What software can i use to transfer the videos from the camcorder to my pc? What is good editing software?

As you prob guessed iam complete newbie to this so any help will be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance :)


Hi neuflex and welcome :hiya:

You haven't told us anything about your computer - does it have firewire ports ? - if it does then all you need is a firewire cable - the camcorder will have a 4-pin socket and *most* PC's have a 6-pin socket so you will need a 4-pin to 6-pin cable these are pretty standard and can be obtained in places like Dixons, Curry's, PC World and Jessops or you can get one here :-

If you do not have firewire ports on your PC you will need to fit a firewire card in your PC this is quite simple even for novice - these are also available in many places and usually come complete with a cable or you can get one here :-

Providing the cable and card comply with the IEEE1394 specification (nearly all do) there is virtually no difference between makers although I personnally would stay away from the very cheap ones as these often have quality problems but any in the mid-price range will be fine.

Once you have a firewire port and cable you will need some capturing and editing software - if you have Windows XP you will already have Microsoft Moviemaker if yours is not version 2 you should upgrade it FREE from the Microsoft website - version 2 is a vast improvement over version 1. If you do not have/ do not like MMM2 then you can get free trials of all sorts of editing software which you can try before you buy - try http://www.Ulead.co.uk

Incidently you have posted this in the wrong Forum - should have been in 'Camcorders and video editing forum' so don't be surprised if one of the moderaters moves it.


Hi neuflex and welcome from me as well!

All the advise that Beejaycee has given above is spot on IMO. For a beginner MS Movie Maker 2 should do more than enough to get you going as long as you have Windows XP. If not then check out the Pinnacle & Ulead web sites for free trial downloads of their editing software.
The links for firewire card/cable above also look to be very good value for money and will do everything that one from Dixons/PCWorld etc will do, but at a fraction of the cost.

Have some fun with this great hobby and let us know how you get on. Feel free to keep asking the many questions that you will have as you get going and we will try and answer where we can.



Hello People

Thanks for the nice replys I really appreciate that :). Yeah it looks like iam gonna have to buy one of those firewire adapters and the cables coz my camcorder didnt come with one and my computer has not got one.

Yeah Iam well looking forward to making some videos Ill let ya know as soon as I get the firewire card and the cable. Ill been using these forums alot in the future so expect lots of newbie questions :D

All the best and thanks again :)
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