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Moving house soon and have a Sony DAVS800 Home Theatre System (alienated all you separates already). It is unlikely that the speaker cable for the rear set will be long enough to "hide" round the doors and I didn't really want to lay it accross the room under the carpet.

Went in to the local Sony shop and was surprised to hear that the only solution they had was to cut the cable before the connectors and patch in new cable....... i.e. I can't buy the connectors.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

1. Alternative solutions ("don't buy Sony" being the obvious one)
2. If I need to join, how?
3. Any wireless solutions about?



Sony's new range of systems similar to your's apparently include instructions in how to change speaker cable?!?
To join use barrier blocks like electricians use.
Pioneer dcs515 has a single wireless rear which only requires a mains socket.
Kef's new Kit100 system gives a reasonable surround effect and that just has 2 speakers and a sub!
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