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Please help. I am buying a new home cinema outfit from seperate components. I want DTS sound amongst others. My question is, does both my DVD player AND my Amp require a DTS encoder to achieve my aims, or can I get away with it on the amp only. If so, why do they put DTS encoding into some DVD players?

Thanks in anticipation.



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You definately want dts - it eats DD for breakfast (even THX features IMO).

What you must have is a dts compatible DVD player and a dts compatible amplifier (or receiver). This is easy to spot as all dts compatible kit carries the 'dts' logo.

What you don't really need is two 5.1 decoders. If you buy an amp with a 5.1 decoder you simply run a digital interconnect between the DVD player and the amp which carries the signal. This is then decoded and sent to the speaker array you have connected.

Be aware that cheaper DVD players tend to have poorer quality sound componentry rather than significant differences in picture performance, so try before you buy.

Hope this helps



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Agreed it is pointless to have onboard DD and DTS decoding on the DVD player (you can spot these as they have outputs for each channel round the back) when your amp is going to do the same thing. I haven't seen a DVD player yet without both DD and DTS logos on the front tho I think they will all recognise both signals.



So, I definitely need a DVD player and Receiver both with "dts" encoding to get dts? If the DVD does not have this built in, I will not get dts - I have understood this correctly?

Thanks for your patience !!!!



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I'm not sure if you have understood correctly. You do NOT need onboard Dolby Digital/DTS decoders on the DVD Player. Your DVD player simply needs to be able to playback a DTS bitstream which they all do now. Therefore this is not an issue and won't be something you need to look for in the DVD Player specs as it is usually taken as given.

Just make sure you buy an Amp/Receiver that can decode a DTS signal. Again, most recent amps will do this. DTS decoding will be described in the Amp/Receiver specs if it is supported.


Ian J

Almost correct. The DVD player must output a DTS signal but the decoder will be in the amplifier.

If in doubt, post here what you are thinking of buying and someone will confirm whether it is compatible or not.

The earlier poster who said that "DTS eats DD for breakfast" is being somewhat provocative as that is not the case.


OK, thanks for your patience.

My options, and like most of us I am on a budget, are:

Option 1:

DVD player: Sony DVP-NS405: no dts encoder (or any without integral dts encoder)
Receiver: Sony STR-DE585 or above (with dts encoder)

Option 2:
DVD player: Sony DVP-NS905V: with dts encoder
Receiver: as option 1

i.e. does my DVD player need dts encoding, or will Option 1 give me dts sound also.

Please help.

Otherwise, the Sony DAV-S880 seems the more simple option (but I do not really want that !!!!)


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Both option 1 & 2 will give you DTS because the Amp will take care of all that. In option 2, you will simply be bypassing the Sony's internal decoder and using the Amp's anyway.

If budget allows, go with option 2 as the 905 should be a better all round player. Stay away from those Davs ;).

Adam Barratt

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Also, note that you will be using a DTS decoder. DVD players and amplifiers do not include DTS encoders (used to actually make the soundtracks) nor do they require them.



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You definately want dts - it eats DD for breakfast

Blabla - care to support this statement with some facts?

This statement is fine if you mark it as your own opinion, but generalizing this might not hold up if challenged ...


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You definately want dts - it eats DD for breakfast (even THX features IMO).


IMO stands for "in my opinion"

AND imo DTS has far better lfe then DD....

just listen to saving private ryan...the dts soundtrack is better
same on titan AE and molin rouge.....

and ne other dts disc i have

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