Newbie! D-VHS and Pioneer 505XDE Plasma


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Hi all,

Just looking to upgrade to the Pioneer 50" plasma after seeing a stunning demo. Having pondered waiting for HD-DVD, suddenly remembered that D-VHS offered me another reason to go for it now! Just wondered if anybody had any experience with this combination?

Is the Pioneer 505XDE sufficiently future proof?
Is the norm to import players from the US or are there any UK dealers?

Thanks in advance!



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D-Theater players are available from here:

The HM-DH5U has an HDMI output which your 505XDE would appreciate more than a component output. :) The 505XDE is future-proofed enough to accept SkyHD and next-gen DVDs. Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the replies guys! Ordering the tv tomorrow, so i'll see what I can sort out!

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