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Is it just me? (be honest)....I've just bought a Pioneer VSX C300 to connect to my Toshiba SD 220E DVD player and JVC AV28T25EK TV and following the instructions for hooking everything together I'm more confused than before.
1) Is a co-ax or optical cable the preferred link between the DVD and amp - I ws sold a co-ax in preference to an optical?
2) Do I have to connect the amp to the TV as well as the DVD (I don't think I'm thick, but the manual really isn't clear about this)
3) Is there any real benefit to connecting my Sky sat box and VCR to the amp as well?
4) At this rate I'm going to spend more on interconnects than the kit itself!
5) Can anyone point me to an idiots guide for connecting all this stuff together? Manuals usually seem to show how to connect one bit of kit to another - as well as saying how easy it all is supposed to be - but not 5 bits together all at once!
6) Now I understand what all the fuss is about the posh remotes that replace the growing family of remotes in our house..........;)

Thanks in frustrated anticipation..........


1) Down to preference, but what you were sold will do the job. Some say there is a difference but to my ears I haven't heard one.

2) If your tv has audio outputs you can if you wish connect the tv to the amp via a pair of phonos, then whatever source is being played this can be listened to through the amp.

3) Do you mean audio/video connections? If you are meaning audio then no, that's if you have connected the tv > amp via phonos as mentioned in NO2.

4) :D

5) List all your equipment and various connections available, eg, video scartsx2, tv scartsx3, Someone will come along and explain the best way to connect them.


Thanks Bob - that's got me going in the right direction. I will do as you suggest and make a list of all hardware & connectors - i'm sure I haven't got it set up optimally yet.



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Originally posted by simonh2

2) Do I have to connect the amp to the TV as well as the DVD (I don't think I'm thick, but the manual really isn't clear about this)

You don't have to but connecting the TV's Left/Right Stereo outs to your amps inputs (I am presuming your Pioneer 300 has stereo phono inputs) will allow you to listen to anything the TV is displaying in pro-logic surround sound thru the amp (eg. video or satellite or analogue). A decent JVC phono-to-phono 80cm cable is about £6 or £7 from dixons or curries.

I have connected my JVC 28R25 TV to my amp (a sony HTSL5) and it took me a while to work out that I had to turn off the JVC's built in speakers (thru the TV's setup menus) before it would output sound to the amp and even with the speakers off I then had to crank the TV's volume up to full to get decent volume through to the amp.

Hope this helps if you decide to connect the TV,



Thanks for this. It has confirmed what Bob suggested in his reply to me and what I've managed to sort out today!

I knew I had to turn off the TV's internal speakers (and how) once I'd got it connected, it was just the connections that were bugging me. Now sorted - and I have the same problem in that with the DVD or tuner in the amp the sound's booming, but I have to wind the volume up massively to get an acceptable level of volume out of the TV via the amp. At the moment I've only got the output through a couple of Kef's that we use for the hi-fi, but I'm planning on a budget (ish - I'm not a 'phile....and the room's not very big) set of speakers soon. Either way the sound's beter than the TV internal speakers.

Thanks all. :)

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