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Hi all
This fourm is great learning new stuff everyday.

I am planning to set up HCPC, I already have a
p4 2.5ghz comp with geforce4 ti4600
creative Audigy 1
Boston stereo speakers
freeview box that is connected to geforce4
which will be connected to a projecter(once I buy one)

my problem is deciding on how to setup the sound I have a budget of about £500
would it be a good Idea to get:

Sound Blaster® Audigy™ 2 ZS Platinum Pro
£169.36 ex VAT £199.00 inc VAT

Creative® GigaWorks™ S750
£280.84 ex VAT £329.99 inc

Do I need to get a AV receiver or is there no need.
I would use it for watching DVD,TV, playing pc games, but would also like to be able to connect ps2 and xbox.


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I have an Nforce Motherboard with 6 channel audio and optical out. This I can connect to my reciever for digital movies etc.
I binned off my Audigy card for simplicity.
If you don't have a 5.1 speaker setup is it really worth spending £200 on an audio card?
How are you planning on connecting or using the Xbox etc?
Do you want to play it through your PC monitor? This would mean capturing the image through your PC including the audio.
I connect all manner of things to my setup but use an amp to switch between sources for audio and my projector switches between visual inputs.
My PC feeds DVD and TV capture to the proj and other sources like the PS2 are connected independently form the PC.
This may not be any use to you.
Good luck



Thanks chris for the info.

been doing some more reading and figured I need a reciver so I can connect more then one divice and decode. If I dont get the Sound Blaster® Audigy™ 2 will I be still be able to get all the sound goodies (Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES (Matrix and Discrete), Dolby Pro Logic® II ) during PC games by using a reciver.
Creative® Inspire™ TD7700

£195.74 ex VAT £229.99 inc VAT
has a decoder that has 3 optical inputs, 1 coaxial, 3 analogue stereo, 2 headphones and 7.1 analogue input/output. So I can use that or is it not good to use pc spekers.
My room is kinda small 3mx3mx2.5m so dont think I need big speakers and cant put the volume up to loud got quite nighbours.


Just looked at my motherboard P4T533-C it has 6 channel audio line in,line out, mic and a digital audio connector (4-1 pin SPDIF OUT). Also I have creative Audigy 1. So can I use my motherboard to connect it to the decoder and get all the sound effects in the pc game.


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Erm Chris, if he's planning on buying an S750, that's 7.1 if I'm not mistaken.

I'm not sure what the outputs are on the Xbox or PS2, but looking at the breakout box on the ZS platinum, I would've thought that this would cope. Not sure how you're planning on feeding the video to the PJ from the 3 sources, but I would guess you'll have enough inputs.

With this setup, I don't think you need a receiver. The breakout box will handle the input/output well enough, and the Gigaworks does the rest.

I think you'll find that the ZS will do DTS-ES and DD-EX etc. I've got the Audidy 2 ZS and the Inspire 7700 speakers, and the top of the line version of winDVD with the extra sound decoding options. I actually found that I had to disable the software decoding and left it to the ZS to handle things and it worked very well. I assume, that it'll do the same with the digital input lines - but I'd double check that first.

If you do go for a receiver, you probably don't need a platinum Audigy, and you'd be better off going for regular hifi speakers. The connectors on creative products are a bit unfriendly towards any other brands, so I say either go creative throughout, or jsut the internal ZS card.

This is a little bit of a tricky subject btw, so I'd do some careful homework before buying.


Thanks Yandros
u bet this is trickey this is getting my head in.
Ok I think me gona go for
Creative Decoder DDTS-100:so I can connect other devices ps2..
Sound Blaster® Audigy™ 2 ZS Platinum Pro
Creative® GigaWorks™ S750

What you lot think its gona cost £500-£600.


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Hmm, interesting. I'm actually wondering if the DDTS-100 is doubling up on functionality of both the internal ZS card and the internal platinum box. You'll certainly have two sets of DTS-ES and DTS-EX decoders and more inputs and outputs than any sane user is likely to need! Having said that, it means you can upmix your consoles without having to mess around with the PC at all (if I've read it right). Just don't do what I did and try to double decode your signal...you end up with all sorts of weirdness coming out of the speakers!

Here's a rather informative review of the DDTS-100


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