Newbie choosing first surround system (satellite/small speaker)


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Hi - im a newbie here and have been reading a lot but need some advice for my first ever music/film/gaming surround system however im in a strange position as I really cant test/see before buying due to my location.

Firstly some info:
1) I live in the Falkland Islands hence I cannot see/hear/test anything at all (think living as remote as the south pole lol - no audio shops) everything I buy is from overseas, shipped here on impulse/reviews etc and cannot really be shipped back unless I go on holiday due to high one way postage cost at my end!!

2) I am building a new house (well not personally me building but you know what I mean) hence I want to get this right the first time as I and the electrictians etc will have the great opportunity to build things into the walls /ceilings etc whilst the interior walls are being assembled

3) I will use it with my PS3 (gaming & Bluray), Music (Apple TV with iTunes in my living room), regular TV.

4) Looks are pretty important to me (its my first house and built from scratch to my design) - I am going for a white contemporary minimalist modern design look for my living room hence I fancy the Satellite speaker route.

5) My living room is 7.8m width and 5.5m depth (A perfect rectangle) with my

Now being a complete novice to surround etc and not wanting a cluttered living room the first thing I did was look at the Bose stuff firstly the V20 lifestyle (however not really great HDMI enabled feature wise) and then I looked at the Bose Acoustimass speakers. This kind of satelite Bose cube speaker setup looks great in White and was sort of perfect to my living room design image however reading reviews the Bose system appears to be a bit expensive to its audio quality (as many people here will point out). To be totally honest I could have gone along with the Bose system/Speakers and woudl have been blown away with my near to "nothing surround experience" but would have a little devil in my head telling me I could have done better!!!!

Anyhow reading here and on google links I have really started to fancy the Anthony Gallo speakers, the reviews look good, the speakers look good etc and im sold as a novice reading all the spin!! Of course reading into it more the Adiva Ti system looks even better therefore can anybody advise me if im on the right track and any recommendations?

It appears I am set on the Gallos but if better solutions please advise?

I would imagine by the advice here the Gallos would prob blow a person like me (home cinema newbie) away with a blu ray movie etc however if I go down this route im unsure about what Gallo speakers. Money is no object here within reason hence im looking at the Adiva Ti system but I see some people mix and match his other speakers in a surround setup hence is this for budget or performance reasons (e.g is there a specific reason to mix and match or would it be a better system with all out Adiva Ti)

Of course I guess a system is only as good as what goes into it hence I am looking at the subs/amps etc also and so far fancy the 7.1 capable 3 HDMI in Sony amps.

5.1/6.1/7.1 is something else I would like to discuss maybe later down the line etc

Anyhow I maybe completely off track here with my satellite surround investigation but any advice would be recommended!




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Monitor Audio Radius
KEF 3005 or 5005
or even in wall speakers


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Thanks for the list.

I sorta didnt look at the orbs simply on the basis that the many reviews say the Gallos speakers are slightly better.

I will check out the Kefs though and see if I can find comparisons to Gallos.


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