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Hey everyone,
OK, before you read this post and start flaming me for asking stupid questions please know that I know almost absolutely nothing about are audio systems, which is the reason why I am posting on this forum - I need help!

I have an 01 Nissan Sentra. This car come stock with a tiny sub built in next to the rear speakers. I've wanted to upgrade for sometime but recently this sub has stopped working and now I NEED to upgrade. The interior speakers have very good sound, but ZERO bass (I assume because of the built in sub) I can't stand how flat the audio is now and I attempting to come up with an inexpensive upgrade.

A buddy gave me a 10inch MTX sub and box. I am attempting to find a cheap way to use this sub and I have a few questions:

- What is the cheapest, least powerful amp I can use to power this? Will a 100W amp be OK for only one 10inch sub? Please note that I am not trying to blow out windows, or set off car alarms. I understand that one 10inch is not a lot but I am only trying to put a little bump in the sound, nothing crazy

- Can anyone recommend a cheap amp that would fit my criteria?

- Can I run an after market sub off the stock deck? I know that the deck needs to be replaced and I have plans to do that but money is tight so I'm trying to take on one thing at a time. My biggest priority is adding a little bass, so (if possible) I would really like to do so with the current deck.

- For anyone that has done their own audio installations, is an AMP installation very difficult? I know my way around tools and I'm fairly competent mechanically, I just do not have much knowledge about audio systems but I think if the instructions were fairly idiot proof I could manage. I'm trying to cut down costs by not having to pay someone $100+ dollars to install.

OK, I'm trying to run a very low level, very inexpensive sub system in my car. I have a 10inch that I would like to use, I need to know the cheapest amp I would be able to use to give it some power. Anyone have any suggestions?


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