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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by judgefudge, Apr 28, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone,

    After years of two channel Ive finally taken a tentative step into Home Cinema but like alot of people Im completely baffled by all the cabling options so I wondered if someone with a bigger brain can walk me through it.

    Here it goes : I want to run a Denon DVD2200 to play dvd's and surround SACD through a Yamaha DSPax640SE. I then want the Yam to operate the centre and rear two/three channels but have my main (ATC) amp to run the front two and the sub. The Yam I think will allow this....I then want to pay DVD's (with DTS where possible) to a JVC LT26-C31 LCD. In additon I will be using Homechoice for the TV plus I want to play a PS2 through the Yam to use it's surround DSP mode. Not sure if I should have two component cables runs - one from Tv to DVD and another from DVD to av amp - this way I could run PS2 to TV via the component cable and phonos for sound or maybe I should just use a scart. Help !!

    I want to play two channel for music as a priority and not to have to resort to too many cable changes when switching from music to DVD or surround SACD.

    Can someone if they have the time advise me how I may achieve all this. Btw the sub would also be in use all the time even when playing stereo two channel mode. (It is a VBT Magellan VIII with seperate amp - the sub is linked with normal speaker cable and the sub-amp via one of the inputs on the two-channel ATC amp).

    Thanks very much in advance....


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