Newbie bought Yamaha RX-V440RDS


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Hey guys!
I'm new around here, been interested in getting an AV set up for a while now, but kept chicken-ing out at the last moment!

Finally comitted this evening with the help of a bargain (or so I think anyway) I have picked up a Yamaha RX-V440RDS off eBay for £80 delivered.
Comes in original box with all accessories too, so seems an ideal starter amp (or receiver?)

As I am new to this, I am as yet unsure of how to connect it up. My TV has an optical out sound port on the back, can I use that?
As I will be having xbox 360 and sky hd through it, figured it would be easier than 2 separate inputs.

It seems pretty good to me anyway, but please feel free to correct me, and also offer any matching, budget speaker advice :)

Link to manual download for specs etc:

Thanks :smashin:



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I guess that would work as long as your TV feeds out exactly what it receives in.


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Connect the optical from the xbox and Sky direct to the amp. Your TV will unlikely pass through surround sound from a HDMI input to the optical output. The Sky box only sends 5.1 via the optical so if only connect this to the TV with HDMI then again will not get surround sound.


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Thanks for speedy replies!

That's some pretty awesome advice, and makes a lot of sense now I think about it.
Just need to get some speakers to go with the amp now, and have a fiddle with the set up when it all gets here.
Best way to learn I suppose?

Many thanks for you help guys! =]

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