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Newbie AV cabling question

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by sambo_hq, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. sambo_hq


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    I have the following dilemma…

    Current set-up:
    Currently have 1x regular TV aerial cable (UHF I believe?!?) & 1 x sky box coming into my living room via a hole from the outside.
    2 x Cat5e links from plasma to stair cupboard.& Cat5 links to all bedrooms
    Ideal distribution point for AV is under the stairs, in process of decorating so have under floor access from all rooms to that central point.

    i) I need to find a clean, unobtrusive way to distribute whatever is being fed into the plasma (audio & video) showing downstairs to the bedrooms (x3) upstairs.
    ii) Distribute normal TV UHF signals to all rooms so users have the choice of channel…all be it only 5!
    iii) Will be buying windows media centre at some stage, ideally actual machine will be in another room.
    iv) Not to cost a million pounds!


    UHF -
    Going to have to split the feed in from outside, one going to TV downstairs and one going to stair cupboard. From stair cupboard there will be 3 “uplinks” to the bedrooms and one feed from the aerial, I should be able to get an amplifier to split the signal 3 ways.

    Plasma Feed –
    This is where I’m not too sure what to do, I understand users will have to watch whatever it is shown downstairs.
    i) I could mount a scart socket by the plasma and have the other end in another wall mounted box in the stair cupboard, repeat this 3 times for the bedrooms and buy a scart splitter. = 4 Scart wall mounted boxes under the stairs & scart amp.
    ii) Run S Video & audio coax cables to the same place and have an s-video splitter
    iii) Have a Cat5e solution, from what I have seen the transmitters and receivers are quite expensive and I would need to run a Cat5 link for each bedroom to the plasma.

    I would really appreciate any thoughts you may have or if you have overcome a similar problem. I have found It difficult finding relevant shops that supply scart / s-video cable and easy to use / install wall boxes.
    What would be fantastic if anyone has one is a wiring diagram!

    If your still reading I haven’t managed to bore you to sleep!!! :boring:
    Eagerly awaiting your replies! :lease:

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