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newbie: audio engine a5?


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I know nothing about hifi (sorry) But I'm looking for some nice speakers for my living room and am thinking about audioengine a5. This is what i was planning:-
- AudioEngine A5
- Airport
- Apple universal dock with remote
- my 2G nano
- my Iphone with remote application
- my Macbook pro

Will Audioengine sound ok? I dont want loud in fact low volume but clear. How will the remote handle volume?

Any Advice? Thanks


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I heard some of these whilst buying my AV processor and I must say they weren't bad at all. Sure, there's better (isn't there always?) but I heard the B&W Zeppelin on the same day and on pure sound quality grounds the A5s wiped the floor with the B&W.

For a start, they at least make a fist of a decent width stereo sound-stage although like any real speaker, dump them on a shelf and they'll be compromised. They also gave a pretty decent tuneful bass as opposed to the heavy, but one note version the B&W offered.

Honestly, for £200 you can't knock them really. Considering their ability to power an Airport Express and charge an Ipod via a dock, they're a bit of an all-in-one no brainer really.

If, however you're prepared for a little less integration and I must admit, it's persuasive; you can buy some surprisingly competent speakers with a stereo amp for the same money.

A Cambridge Audio A1 amp at £69, or better still the A5 at £119, plus a pair of Tannoy F1 Customs at £99 driven by an Airport Express would be actual hi-fi. Less convenient, yes. Better sound, also yes and that's the whole point isn't it?



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Well i've been running the above setup for a few months now...

The AudioEngines are fantastic, they sound great and the build quality is excellent. yep Im really pleased with them. I agree, for the price you might be able to get better sound from a seperate amp etc, but only a little better. But for me its the design that makes these speakers special they have everything you need (and nothing more) in one simple unit.

Just a bit more on the setup I posted. A combination of things conspire to make it a pain in the @rse to control the volume using the apple remote. But it only happens if your running a macbook pro AND itunes AND over airport express. A nice little app called Airfoil came to the rescue.
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There are several videos on YouTube regarding the Audioengine 2 and 5. You can get some sense of how they sound, how big they are, and what features are available. All very short and well worth a look.

The Audioengine company was started by some designers who used to work for the Apple Mac team, and the speaker are very popular in Apple stores.

Search YouTube.com for 'audioengine' and you should find several videos.

Also, note that the speakers only have two analog inputs, no digital input to my knowledge.

These make excellent speakers for an iPod or other MP3 player, and work great with TV or computer.

If you go to the Advance MP3 Players website, at the bottom of the Audioengine 5 page, you will find several links to very positive reviews.

Advanced MP3 Players Audioengine 5 Speaker System

Another great feature as you seem to already know, it the ability of the speaker to accept an Apple Airport.



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I bought my A5's when they were £200, shortly after they bumped the price up to £250 everywhere in the U.K as far as I am aware.

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