Newbie at home security getting ready to make major purchase


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Hello, now i know nothing about home security systems, but circumstances have made it prudent to invest...
I'm looking to buy 5 cameras, do they sell the whole system together? like the monitors, cameras, sensors, or am I expected to buy every part separate? Of course finding a good deal is always important, but im also interested in quality so i can be able to identify peoples faces and identification, so i am prepared to pay more than what the cheapest would cost. I cant afford to buy the best of the best, so something functional would be great. I appreciate any help, its a little overwhelming but i want to avoid paying a company to do it all for me ^^ so im willing to put in the time to figure it out, any advice would be appreciated :)

Some environment information in case the cameras need to be built for it (do they still function well under a canopy of some sort i could build to protect them from exposure?):
i live in Las Vegas, so arid, dry environment, lots of punishment from the sun, especially now since summer is just beginning. its rained twice in the past year and a half, so itll rain eventually, but barely.
Thank you!


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How technical are you ? Honestly unless you are prepared to spend time and effort to research and teach yourself then pay a professional. Else there are some great tutorials on you tube. Most popular option is something like blue iris DVR (about $50 for license) and about $100 to $150 per wired cameras, for domestic systems HikVision and H.View are two of the well known brands.

What you don't want is to find you balls up the install and when you actually need it the system failed to do what you wanted it to.

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