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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Setch, Feb 12, 2005.

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    After dithering about for over a year over which plasma to get, I have now made my mind up.

    Spoke with a great guy from AV-Sales last night and I am going down to see them hopefully
    on Monday.

    In the meantime, I am hoping somebody could review my thoughts below and tell me if I am on the
    right track with regard to how to connect all this together.

    Panasonc 42PHD7

    I already have the following

    PC Digimatrix for recording
    Sony DAV-S800
    NTL Digital

    I am also contemplating getting the IScan HD, not sure if I need the HD+ also the difference in price will pay for the £200+ worth of interconnects.

    NTL Box has two Scart outputs So one will go to the PC for recording and the other to the IScan RGB input.
    PC has DVI so that goes to the DVI Passthru on the IScan. This will be my recorder and Region 1 DVD Player and the recorded film player
    Sony S800 has an optical in, so that connects to the optical out of the IScan, this gives me my sound from both the NTL box and the PC?
    Sony also has a monitor out jack which will connect to the IScan Video in socket. This will be my Region 2 DVD Player.

    and finally the IScan analog out will go to the Plasma.

    I will appreciate any comments on the above as to my level of understanding on how all this fits together, if I have got it completely wrong
    you can tell me, I am a grown up and can take it.


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