Newbie alert: 1st post - Kef Speakers for home cinema setup


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I've been reading these awesome forums for some days, but even if I found some information, nothing clearly answers my needs, so I go ahead and try:

I am purchasing a new house, with a small living room. The place where the setup will be is around only around 3x3 meters (10x10 feet).

I currently have a pair of Kef Q15 speakers which I am real happy with for listening music, and my idea is to use these still , at least for some months, as the main front speakers of my home cinema setup.

reading and searching for my budget, the setup I would like is:

2 front q15 speakers

1 central coda 80 speaker

2 rear q8s speakers

I chose the central and rear speakers 'cause are KEF too, and I think I can find them reasonably cheap, about 200 GBP / 300 euros which would be my initial budget.

No subwoofer would be used, at least initially. The receiver is a Yamaha RX-V657

I am a total newbie, so, would this work with "decent" sound for a small living room and a newbie ear like mine? With my budget are more wise decisions to take regarding a speakers setup?

thanks in advance.

Ian J

I'm afraid that I'm not a KEF expert so can't tell you how close a match the centre is to your main speakers but matching the rears to the fronts isn't so important and I would guess that the KEF Q8 would have a similar "house sound" anyway so should be fine.

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Hi Recopla, I would suggest that your center speaker should be a choice of either the KEF Q6C or the KEF Q9C, this would provide you with similar drive units accross the important front plane. The coda center is a completely different design from the Q series which has concentric drivers i.e. the tweeter is set in the middle of the base cone, together with your proposed Q8s these should produce an excellent soundfield, good luck, let us know what you decide.


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thanks for the comments. I have understood the importance of matching the 3 front speakers so I guess, even if currently the price is a bit too high, that my best choice is a q6c center that matches the frontal q15 drive, even if they are quite old (my q15 have around 4-5 years)

Getting a q6c a bit cheaper seems possible in the near future, as they are being replaced by the "new generation", and allows me an upgrade to newer Kef frontals and re-using the q15 to achieve a 7-speaker sound.

If anybody knows of a way to get a q6c center by a retailer that ships to Spain.. :)

What about the lack of a sub? I mean, in a small space, using some processing by the receiver maybe, think I may get reasonable sound without using a sub? as I said is a 10x10 feet space.

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