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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about a new system i am hoping to install.

Ideally I would like speakers in most of the rooms in my new flat (approx 6 rooms). Can anyone suggest a low-cost solution to this? Not needing different music in different rooms etc, but a cenrally located amp, where you can choose which speakers to have on at any time (could this be simple volume controls for each set of speakers?).

Inputs to this would be Stereo, Mac (simple jack -> Phono cable), LCD tv etc.

Intending on cabling this before carpets etc are laid and would like some suggestions of what kind of solutions others have used?




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I am no expert, but I think a 6 room setup is going to cost you a fortune. I know the Yamaha 1500 has a 3 zone system, which kind of does what you are suggesting. That is about 700 and comes with 2 remotes. The second I believe is for the zones.



Thanks for your answers however, i think i worded my question a bit wrong. Sorry. For my first basic setup i didn't mean real multi-room setup as such. I have googled and came up with a solution i am unsure if would work. I am considering an extremely low cost switch, maybe like this one

to control which speakers were on. but ideally it would be with complete with volume control in the box. Does anyone know of a similar product like this with volume controls for each set? or would it work to put my own volume control, mid wire and buy the components to do this?



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