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Newbie advice...........


Standard Member
Hi folks-newbie here so be gentle...........

I`m just about to buy a set of Bose am5`s and was wondering what kind of amp you guys would reccomend?

I`m on a budget(Mrs is moaning:eek:) and I would be interested to know what you would suggest. Bluetooth would be nice but not essential,so would DAB but again it wouldn` be the end of the world if it didn`t have it.

Thanks in advance folks..............:smashin:


Distinguished Member
My first bit of advice would be to not get the Bose speakers. For the price of the Bose you could buy an AV reciever and speakers that will at least sound as good if not better than the Bose. If you add the price of the Bose and an AV reciever then you could get a system that would be even better.
What is your total budget? What sources do you want to connect to it?
There are no AVrs that I know about with DAB unfortunately.


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Wow-that was quick.............

I want to connect it through my sky hd box,son`s ps3 and a blu ray player.

As for budget,probably around £450. I know it`s not a lot but I hope to upgrade in the future. The only reason I thought about the bose am5 speakers is that a friend has them and they sounded fantastic. The base was pretty impressive but I`m open to suggestions from more learned people........


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So do you mean £450 + the £400 for the AM5s i.e. £850.
Or where you looking at paying £400 for the AM5s and then £50 for an amp?

Asuming you mean a total budget of £450 then I would look at:

Sony 2400 (£250) with either Tannoy SFX £200 or Q Accoustics 1010i (£250 -really worth the extra £50)

or Sony 810 or Onkyo 508 with Tannoy SFX (or Q Accoustics)

or Yamaha 467 with Jamo A102.

Really you need to go demo to see which one you prefer.

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