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Hi All

A relative newcomer to DV I recently bought an entry level DV Camcorder, the JVC GR-DVL-160 and think that maybe I shouldn't have...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the camera itself, in fact feature wise its superb. My problem is that I was misadvised in terms of its functionality, as my intention, in addition to recording new DV footage, has always been to convert old VHS to Digi. I was told that the JVC would do this when in fact the other camcorder I was considering buying, the Canon MV500i, was the better option.

I would value some advice as to overcome this problem - I am sorry if I ask some basic questions but this is very new.

Is a better option for me to sell the JVC and buy the Canon after all? If so I need some clarification on how the Analogue conversion would work. I imagine that with the Canon I would hook the camcorder up to my VHS and recored the analogue footage onto DV cassette, then use the Canon's DV out to my Firewire port on PC capture the footage (I use Studio 7) from the DV cassette and convert to MPEG/AVI, which I then burn on to VCD using Nero. Am I right?

Is the other alternative to install a Video Capture card on my PC to hook up my VHS directly? I am less sure about this process and how it would work (would I need separate software other than Studio 7?).

Finally, any comments as to the relative performance of the Canon over the JVC (or vice versa) are welcome before I part with the cash. I hplan to auction the JVC on Ebay unless there are other web based sales points I don't know of.

For info I am in the UK.



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If you bought the camera very recently and you told the salesman what you wanted to do at the time, you were wrongly advised. Most decent retailers will usually allow you to swap it if this is the case.


Thanks - I tried that exhaustively to be honest and they will not budge. Rather than have the hassle I am gonna go for the camera I should have bought in the first place.

Can anyone offer advice as to the Analogue > Digital coversion question I asked?




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I bought the Sony TRV18E on NewYears Eve and 1 week later I went back to Curry's, spoke to the Manager and basically said to him that I though I had been ill-advised in my purchase.

Normally I would research my product choice on the net before going in the store but the "Buy now pay 2004" offer was too tempting so I relied on the sales assistant's advice.

It as only a week later after starting to read many forums such as this and gaining more knowledege that I started to doubt my purchase decision, I have since changed my mind though and am quite happy with my Sony :)

The Manager was very good, he said I can just box it back up and return it, and speak to their camcorder expert about any different models etc....

I'm currently converting all my old 8mm tapes from my analog Sony model to SVCD's.

I'm capturing using Vegas Video 3 which is superb, via my Geforce4 VIVO card and the quality so far from my analogue tapes has been very good!

Once I get these tapes converted I can give my old model to my buyer and start playing with my new Sony via the firewire port on my SB Audigy card :)



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sorry to hijack this thread but...

ive just got a sony DV camcorder and want to put the digital video onto a SVCD or simular,
i have been reading on all the formats and what i need. At the moment i have a bungle of 200mb AVI clips caputred via firewire (on my laptop) on my PC. i have a cd writter and would like to make some SVCD's to play in my DVD player. I have a copy of nero 5.

My question is what software are you guys using to convert the large AVI's to MPEG2 for SVCD's. Or does Nero just do the compression anyway ?

I do have Adobe Premier6 but its not a simple package. and the XP bungled movie maker doenst seem to produce very high quality captures, and only creates large AVI or WMP files.


I recently went through the same process as you, and ended up getting a Canon MV530i (one model up). It's currently £499 in Dixons. It comes with it's own firewire card and all the cables required to do exactly what you want to do.

All you need to do is connect the MV530i to the PC via Firewire, and then connect the supplied Analogue cable to the AV in, the other end to the A/V output of whatever output device you are using.

Then, through the menu you need to activate AV/DV throughput and away you go.....

Only one gotcha is that you can't have a tape in as it tries to play the tape in the MV530i

Hope that helps......


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