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newbie advice on wheel and stand


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with GT5 coming out, i am thinking of getting a wheel and sturdy stand for it

1. wheel
hesitating between the Logitech G27, Fanatec 911 Turbo S and GT3RS v2
- I am leaning towards the Fanatec PWTS if i can find one :rolleyes: can't find any in UK / EU , i like the looks plus it is only one compatible with PC, Xbox and PS3. anyone have any ideas where to get one?
- anyone know if PWTS is fully compatible with "AAA" games (Forza, PGR3, F1, GT5) with FF?
- how good is Fanatec for support of games and customer service - is it comparable to logitech?

2. Stands
looking at GameRacer Elite, Gamepod GT2 and Playseat Evo Alacantra.

I like the GamracerElite as it seems to have alot of options for adjustments (wheel tilt, footpedals, side gear shift holder etc..)
- but is it stable for wheel and gears?
- how does it compare to others? ie stability, niggles (noise squeaks etc...)
- is it compatible with fanatec wheels and pedals?

I have 50" Pioneer plasma screen and full 7.1 Bower and Wilkins goodness, so not interested in stuff like monitor or speaker mounts

appreciate your experience and recommendations since it's hard to make up my mind since very few reviews, comparisons and no places to demo them

PS am not an expert driver. just looking for something fun and immersive on Xbox, PS3 and PC depending on mood. I have a MS wheel so can live without xbox compatibility

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Kinetic Frenzy

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PWTS have sold out in uk & Europe so only means is via flea bay. GT3 RS wheels are still available and are very good. G25s are discontinued so again flea bay or the classifieds her are you best bet. G27 is the 25's replacement and is available on the web - both wheels are meant to be very good and in the same class as the Fanatecs. Look online for comparison reviews.

Good support across games for all those wheels.

Can't help you with any of those stands.

good luck :smashin:


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I'm using a Visionracer VR3 setup with a G25 wheel and couldn't be happier. Its doesn't have all the adjustments other seats have but I've never found this to be an issue and nor have anyone of the lads (who can often be found in my conservatory playing dirt2 or f1 till the early hours). The support from Visionracer is second to none (Geoff of Visionracer really is a top bloke). & I reckon the VR3 seats looks way better than anything else on the market.



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