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Newbie Advice new to VR


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Hi All, last year we bought my son a PC for Christmas nothing special just for him to play the usual Fortnite / Minecraft

He has now asked for a VR headset this year and I am just after some advice as I have no idea.
Iv seen on here a few discussion about the new Oculus 2 which is an option. I would like it to be able to connect to his PC but I would then have to buy the cable too.

His current system is :
Intel I5-4460
8gb Ram
Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB

I have run the VR test through steam and that came back with a good result. Would this be adequate to cope with VR or would you recommend an upgrade first?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks :)


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You can connect the Oculus 2 with a cable, it doesn't have to be the official Oculus link, I use a generic USB A - C cable, cost me about a tenner.

Using Virtual Desktop is also an option, if you wan to do it wirelessly, a few hoops to jump through to get it on the Quest 2, but it's not that difficult.


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I think that spec is fine for PCVR headsets and for most games that are not too demanding.

But Quest 2 requires a higher processor (min i-4590) to play PC VR games via Link cable or wifi (VirtualDesktop).

Having said that Quest 2 is also a standalone headset with its own mobile processing power and games store but as a bonus can also be used to play PCVR games. So your son can play Quest 2 without a PC and then try it with the PC and then upgrade the processor if needed for more demanding games. That's one train of thought but I am sure others will give you more options to think about.


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I'm not sure because I don't have a Quest 2 yet, but I THINK that you can use the Oculus Debug Tool or the Oculus Tray Tool to subsample (the opposite of supersampling!) from 1.0 (native resolution) to 0.8 if his PC can't handle some games with that GPU.

This will render games with a 20% reduction in resolution 😁

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