newbe wants advice on windows media cener


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Hi guys and girls
Ive been into home cinema for ages and with my new job have
just managed to buy a windows media center PC,does anybody
have any expirience on what they are like ?
I have also just had broadband installed and would like to be
able to download free movies (not sure how its done but have
been told you can!) Every site i go to asks for my credit card
details before i can even see what they have does anybody
have any recomendations on where to look or which ones are


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I don't wish to cause any offence (and perhaps this is obvious), but you should be aware that unless you are prepared to pay for the movies, you are probably breaking the law by downloading them (unless these are free movies, in which case there are several sites where you can get these).

But ignoring the legal aspects, people often use peer-to-peer file sharing software, rather than web sites. With P2P software, you actually download from other internet users, rather than individual sites. A simple search in google should reveal more information, but basically you have to install some separate software, and this allows you to search a P2P network for material, and download it. Unfortunately, a lot of the software contains spyware, and you may potentially expose your system to viruses, and all kinds of other nasties. So take care with p2p software.


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LOL umm yeah that's somewhat illegal ;)

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