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Hey there,

I currently have a wireless network using a D-Link DSL-G604 GT ADSL router which works just fine with my desktop pc. But my laptop has expired and I am thinking of replacing it with an Ibook (I have just lost my patience with Windows).

But my question is if I buy a new Ibook with Airport Extreme built in will I just be able to use the wireless network which I already have or do I have to faff about with an Airport base station?

Apologies if this is just a blindingly obvious question and thanks for the help.



Yes it will work as long as both devices ares 802.11b or g compatible which I assume they are.

One thing to note, you may or may not have installed the the DLink software on your PC. XP doesn't *need* 3rd party software to configure WiFi settings. Anyway, most manufacturers have a passphrase to HEX converter for ease of setting a WEP security key on the router/access point and the client adaptor. This wont work on the MAC i dont think so you'll need to set you WEP security manually using HEX keys. This is normally easlily done on the router GUI. Once you cange it you will lose connection. Change the router before the PC!!! Instead of a password key being "mysecrectasecurenetwork" you will need to use HEX which look like this "ab764F2234ba". Your manual will show you how to do it but to be honest its pretty straight forward when you look at the GUI.

Make sure you enable WEP security, its a MUST! Everyone has wifi these days and someone will access your network if its not enabled.

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