Newb starter home cinema advice please


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Home cinema on a budget... advice please!

Our little lockdown project has been to convert our attic into a snug / home cinema.

Can someone advise a decent projector and sound system. Ideally it would all come in under 1k.

My opportunities to run cables are a bit limited. I have power socket where the projector hies and a drawstring to pull an HDMI through. I can probably get speaker cables in where needed, but would definitely consider wireless.

I'm a real novice here. I don't know what to look out for regarding connectivity, resolution, lumens, etc.

The rooms is going to be very white throughout, so preferably no bucket black boxes.

We're not looking for the most amazing definition. We're hear to enjoy films, not to marvel at the quality of the equipment.

We'll also have a turntable up here, so connectivity to that would be ideal.

We don't mind used, and building a system over time is an option, so lond as basic functionality is in place on day one.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Nothing at £1k price new.

Even used you will struggle a pj will start from £500 on it's own new.


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If you can paint the walls something less than white that would help try and get something darker at least on the screen wall as that will help as projectors hate white on all surfaces except the screen.

The basics you will need:

Projector: at the most basic but something worth having would be an Epson/BenQ or Optoma 1080p projector this will cost from around £450/500.

A screen although you could use the wall painted white for cost of the paint (£20) In fact I would paint a light grey as that will be better than white in a light coloured room.

What are you going to watch on the projector, films/sports/tv/gaming, you will need a source. You could use a fire stick or a bluray player or xbox/playstation. The cost of these would be £35 for a firestick, £75 for a bluray player or xbox/playstation £200/250 that will play bluray as well as games.

You will also need an av receiver to route the kit through and power the speakers you could look on the classifieds on here and get a used 2 yr old Denon or Marantz for around £200/300.

Lastly some speakers and a subwoofer again used is your friend as speakers can come reasonably cheap as there are always folks on here that are upgrading and buying the next level up.

You need a front 3 speakers (LEFT/CENTRE/RIGHT) also a pair of SURROUND and lastly a SUBWOOFER

You could probably get this sorted for £300 speakers and £200 for subwoofer.

This will give you a system that whilst low priced will look and sound much better than a soundbar for £300-500.

That little lot is approx £1500 but that is with buying some used kit (avr/speakers/subwoofer)

Hope that helps.

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