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I have been thinking about buying a digital SLR. my main use will be for taking pictures of my children and weddings and such but I would likw to try my hand at taking nice nature pictures and old buildings.

Ive been looking on Ebay and there are loads to choose from but I dont have a scooby what Iam looking for or if Iam going to buy the wrong one.

I dont realy want to spend more than £200 at this stage but I dont want to buy something that wont be of any use to me if I start getting in to it.

I would be gratful for any suggestions on makes and models and what cameras to stay away from.

Many Thanks


£200 is not that much in the SLR world, when you consider the lenses you would need and all the other bits and pieces.

You will probably be better off with a mid-range digital camera, or a bigger budget if you really want to go the dslr route.



What Kavster said.

£200 aint going to get you anything realistically Dslr wise.

That said if you can up your budget then look to finding a 2nd hand 300d (canon) of D50 (nikon), tbh all recent/current small sensor dslr's are much of a muchness image quality wise, where you need to start seriously thinking is in the glass you're going to have to stick on the front, thats when the cost's start mounting.

If SLR camera's are completely new to you then maybe picking up a 35mm film version cheaply may be the best option, see how you get on with the system and upgrade to Dslr when you think the time is right.

Alternatively again as Kavster has said if digital is a must then maybe a decent compact is the way to go.

mr jones

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maybe consider a bridge camera


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Thanks for your replys, after having a quick look on ebay again I think I was talking about digital rather than SLR sorry. I was looking at a MINOLTA Z6 which was about £170 and there were a FUJI S5000-s7000 that caught my eye. Do any of you guys know if these are any good? would they be a safer step than going all out for a SLR?

Thanks again


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O well I started reading through the forum and was pratically staring at the screen right through untill the night and went and bought a canon EOS 350D with lens and a 1gb mem card. Well over my budget but it sounds like a very nice camera. AVforum is costing me money this happened when I wanted to by a 32 inch LCD for under £1000 then I found AVforum and ended up buying a plasma for £2000 lol.


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:D You sound almost as impulsive as me :rotfl: .

Well done. Now dot eh reading and enjoy the pictures. There are many good links posted here so do a quick search and time taken now will pay for it'self in the future.

Just remember that the pictures out of the low end DSLR's are not usually sharp and require a little shapening in software. This is not a defect but more a feature. The amount of sharpening decreases with the quality of lenses and quality of the body. My 350D required between 150 and 200% sharpening where as my 5D and L series lens tend to require none to 50%.

After using the camera for a little to get used to the controls you will find that one of the biggest improvements will be when you get a flash gun and use it, even in the day ;) .

Go and enjoy then post some pictures up here :clap: .


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