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New Year's Resolution

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by theritz, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. theritz

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    Aug 17, 2002
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    Watching or Tweaking ????

    OK it's time to 'fess up, guys and gals, What did you do over Christrmas, Watch or Tweak (Ooerrr, missus) you know what I mean ?

    I'll go first then shall I ? Chrimbo chez theritz was a dvd-rich environment, kids got their fav movies, missus got a few, and I got quite a few myself (we both like the same stuff mostly, handy that !)....

    So watched....

    The Grinch,

    Beauty and the Beast Special edition (not all of it !)

    Dr. Dolittle (thanks, FoX Club)


    Batman and Robin (Arnie brill as Mr. Freeze)

    Moulin Rouge (that'd give your RGB a workout !)

    Wayne's World Wayne's World

    Das Boot (watching in episodes - brill)

    Fifth Element (a fav)

    Sherlock Holmes

    LOTR (more than once !)



    The Mummy

    The Day of the Jackal (the original - one of my all time fav movies)

    I'm sure I've left some out........

    Did I tweak ???? Did I ever !! probable most times once everything is warmed up - mind you with the old laptop, I mainly set everything to zero, Normal, then tweak once and leave it at that. I just can't resist ! (midmovie tweaking drives missus mad !!.)

    So, out with it, I'm fed up of sniping at Kramer and his fecking new Projector, welcoming new AE100 owners, offering what little advice I can to questions posed, (and having a minor spat with our esteemed board admin)...........I want to know what you watched (mini reviews welcome.......even obligatory) and how much you tweaked.

    Don't be shy, now.....

    Sean G.
  2. murph200140

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    Dec 12, 2002
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    Happy new year all
    Had a great xmas , watched a few movies on my hs2 . Surprised myself by how restrained I was with it .But still watched .Back to Future trilogy (great movies , love anything to do with time travel )
    Panic room ( took a chance on this as I hadn't seen it . excellent , had us all on the edge of seats and biting our nails)
    Predator ( one of Arnies best ,still superb after all of the years)
    Kiss of the Dragon ( jet li shows us what he can do with a snooker ball if you pee him off ! and a bad guy who kills more of his own troops the jet li does . Brilliant )
    Minority Report ( Tom cruise picking a winner this time after the awful MI 2)
    Brotherhood of the wolf ( totally weird and wonderful french movie .Is a costume drama ? is it a martial arts flik ? horror? who cares slow motion kick arse fights a huge monster eating the locals and all beautifully shot )
    Toy story ( thought I better let the kids watch one movie , after all it was xmas ):)

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