New XDA Mini - What now?


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Hello all. After a lot of deliberation and web searching, I have decided to replace the crappy K750i I have with an O2 XDA mini s.
I have now spent the majority of today scouring the net looking for advice on what software to download, what rom to have, types of mini sd card to use, and basically, my brain is about to explode. I am a little confused so once again, I have come to these great forums looking for answers.

Right, I have the following questions that I hope some of you lovely people can answer.

Ok, should I check out the rom and upgrade/downgrade it to one that seems to be the best at the moment?

Memory cards - I just bought a 1gig from Carphone Warehouse for £40 but will be taking it back as I can get the 2 gig for the same price at Amazon. Any ideas what the difference is between the normal card and the "Ultra" ?

Cases - I have seen a case from Proporta called the Proporta Alu-Leather case which looks as though you can keep the XDA in it whilst using the keyboard. The only ones I have seen in the shops dont allow you to do this. Anyone got one of these and can comment?

Software - What cool/ essential/ cant live without softare apps should I put on it?

Sat Nav - I would ideally like to use this as a Sat Nav device, but dont want to spend a fortune. Any recommendations on software / gps receiver ?

Overclocking - Is it worth doing?

Phew.... I do have a lot more questions but I am getting looks from the other half now so I think I should get off the computer and get a life:)

Answers to any of the above would be greatly appreciated. As I said I have been looking all day so have some ideas, but as this is a forum visited by experts on this sort of stuff, I thought I would get try and get some expert advice before I bugger up my new toy.:D

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Hi, these are the exact questions I want to ask. I have just got my XDA but have not taken it out of the box yet. I have read that I should get rid of the O2 software as soon as possible but I am a complete noob to all this so am a bit unsure.

Please can someone answer the questions. I registered especially so I could ask:D


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I have an XDA Mini S myself. What to load etc can be found at, and see the posts in the Wizard forum.

If I were you I would hold off until the 3G version is out (HTC Hermes). T-Mobile has already released this.

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Well so far. so good. I have now had my XDA for a few days and am really impressed. I really want to add a few bits to it though to make it more personal. Anyone have any suggestions as to the software I could put on it. I will be going on the xda website shortly but after lurking on these forums for a few weeks now, I really trust the opinions here.:thumbsup:


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I have had my XDA mini s for 2 weeks now and i have to say it is so much better than the XDA11i which i have to say was complete crap! i had it replaced 4 times the signal was so weak as soon as i went in doors people could ring you but you could never answer just run out the door shouting hang on hang on! but this little beauty is fantastic in comparison.


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Anyone know how long it takes vodafone to send a PAC code? - And why do they have to post it in the first place?

I could understand it if there were any security issues involved but as its only needed so I can port my number to another network provider, I dont see how that would be a security issue...
In this day and age where email and texting are the norm, I found it quite strange that my code would be posted, not sent via sms or email.
I want my XDA now!!

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