New Xbox 360 premium & Sharp LC-42XD1E connectivity problems - help the newbie pls!!!


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hi everyone, having looked around extensively on the net, this looks like the place to ask the questions!! :thumbsup:
i've owned my sharp lcd tv for a few months now and recently (monday) bought myself a new xbox 360 premium.
i opened the box and began setting it all up when suddenly i noticed that i havent got any of the component inputs (blue, green & red for HD) on the tv!!!! after a lot of panicking i had a look on this site and saw that people were recommending VGA cables as a better alternative - bought the cables yesterday and to my shock horror, the vga input on my tv seems to be analogue only and will not display the signal from the xbox. also, although the picture is meant to be shown on ext. 4 (which it isnt) the sound IS coming out on ext. 3?!?!
so, at the moment im stuck using the yellow, red & white cables for normal, non-hd tvs...
i've seen that hdmi cables are available, but the last thing i want to do is buy another duff cable for myself and was wondering if anyone with the knowledge i need could possibly help me out here? or tell me if it is possible to get it all working with the vga cable ive bought?
sorry for what's probably the longest post ever on this site, just want to try and make sue that everything makes sense...
cheers everyone :)


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Hi there, I have the same TV and both component & VGA are possible.
They both use the same input, and your TV should have come with an adaptor to allow this.

If you cant locate the adaptor, then VGA is your only option, but this is possible, it may just be that you have the ext 4 input set to component despite the adaptor not being present.

You can change this in options>connections I think but just to confirm both options (component & VGA) are possible


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Cheers for the reply and a hont of hope Therage!
i'll have a look in the box when i get home from work and see if i can find any adaptors.
sorry, but im not particularly great at this kind of thing, and am a bit confused about you last bit about 'the ext 4 input set to component'?
i'll have another fiddle tonight and see what i come up with.
if i struggle and promise to keep it quick, could i poss contact you one evening to talk me through it if that doesnt sound too cheeky? :lease:


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Phew, just to let you know, i have found the adaptor lead and hooked it up and all is now fine. sorted the sound by putting the red & white audio cables into my dvd player and through the speakers that way.

cheers very much for the advice
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