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Just a tip..

Your facebook page cover photo has a stretched image (of yourself presumably) that makes it look like a 4:3 image stretched to to 3:2 or 16:9. It really is so very obvious and IMHO looks horrible and unprofessional - not what I would suggest if you're trying to push the business through social media.

Some nice photos on the website that perhaps you could put on the facebook page too to improve the repertoire there.




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851 pixels width x 315 pixels height is the correct size.

I'm not on FB so can't "like" it.


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Like the website..

Couple of things Id alter slightly is the architecture, events and landscape photography links within the main home page text dont stand out as links to me straight away. Its not obvious to people that they are infact links and not just defined headings. I would perhaps consider using a stronger font weight or bold enhancement, Even going as far as using the same orange as the hyperlinks further down the page.

This is only criticism and me possibly being picky but the rest of the site looks fantastic.. ( Its making me want to actually finish my own site development for freelance design work now)

Agree with the facebook image aswell.. too stretched but that might be facebooks upload criteria doing that though.

I'm not keen tbh, it is the same old theme on the website as thousands of others have, there are three fonts visible on the first page and many others and they don't match each other, your logo is quite obviously not done by a professional designer which if your are serious about this I think you should do, alignment is all over the place as is the kerning. Then the text alignment of centred doesn't work for me either nor for the form.

Getting To the photos, those in event don't seem to have anything to do with event photography. Also landscape was quite a surprise as to me they are cityscapes not what I was expecting at all. Leaving architecture, a few nice shots but also those included that don't really show the architecture.

Oh and the domain name doesn't match the site name, that annoys me, and the client list is empty, sure we all have to start somewhere but don't make it so obvious, disable that link until you have something to say.

I guess it all depends on what you want to achieve with it, is this for a business or just some fun?

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