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hi all --

i recently purchased a 36" HD wega for a good price. They've been on sale at BestBuy and CircuitCity. SONY KV36HS510

It seems that all the flat screen HD tv's are on sale -- which leads me to believe that there are a new wave of TV's coming.

Does anyone have any insight to the new TV's coming out? I want to know if it's worth returning the TV i bought and waiting for the newer (and theoretically better) tv's.

technology specs or any insight to advances would be great.



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Hi gabe and welcome! :hiya:

You're from across the pond aren't you?

We're a friendly bunch but know little about U.S market TVs, check out where someone should be able to help out ;)

It's worth saying that there's no "big new thing" about to come out and replace HD as yet (and we're still waiting for HD here in the UK!)

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I'm afraid that with TV's (along with computers and other electronic gear) there's always something better and/or cheaper just around the corner.

It's easy to get into the "I'll wait another month" syndrome, but then you'll end up never buying anything.

I think the best advice for your Sony is, if you're happy with it, then enjoy it.

Best wishes.


thanks for the info guys!

tight... yea, i know what you mean. i have bought the tv but it's not delivered yet, so i thought i'd look around in case there was something obvious.

rct.. thanks for the link!


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The only real development in TVs in the near future is the increasing number of LCD screens that will be sold, certainly in the UK. Many manufacturers are predicting a 50% reduction in CRT sets in the next couple of years as LCDs take over. The LCD market is really driven by looks and the snob factor as a decent CRT set will outperform pretty much any LCD at the moment.

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