New wave LCD equal to mid range DLP


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I read recently that the new wave of LCD projectors now have the spec and performance potential to make them comparable to mid range DLP projectors.

Considering both technologies have different characteristics this may be a bold statement, and until a direct comparison is carried out we will not know the true facts.

This observation raises the question, which DLP projectors could be accurately be described as mid range models?



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There are all the if's and but's regarding LCD and DLP.
For me, the best selling point is the panel life and having compared the 2, I am and will probably always be a DLP fan.

Going back to the point, I guess they will base it on price rather than panel resolutions.


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Going back to the point, I guess they will base it on price rather than panel resolutions.

This is the point I was interested in, if it was just down to price alone then most LCD compete (excluding new wave LCD) with entry level DLP models such as the Infocus 4805 and Optoma H30A.

If the new breed of LCD has moved the bar higher in terms of performance are we looking at projectors such as the old matterhorns e.g. the Sim2 20H or Infocus 5700, the Benq PE7700 or perhaps unlikely the Infocus 7205.

I know we can only second guess at the moment, sometimes it fun just to speculate.



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As the technology progresses I'm pretty sure the limitations of LCD will soon become an issue..... of course I could be wrong :D


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As an LCD fan for rainbow reasons, and a Sony HS50 owner, I have to concede that DLP's offer better detail in low light scenes.

My mates old DLP machine has a quoted contrast ratio of just 800:1, but it still provides more detail on dark films than my LCD Sony HS50 with its 6000:1 quoted contrast ratio.

So I don't think the new LCD's will be a match for current mid-range DLP.

LCD projectors can now produce a genuinely decent black, shadow detail and overall cinematic feel...... but there's still something 'LCD' ish about them.

Would I swap my HS50 for a 1 chip DLP?........ Nope!
But if you gave me the choice between a 3 chip DLP with a 1500:1 contrast ratio, or an LCD with a 7000:1 contrast ratio..... I'd take the DLP.

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