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New Viewsonic screens set new record for LCD response time

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Aug 17, 2005.

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    John Archer

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    <img src="http://www.avforums.com/news/images/20050817121659.jpg" align="right">Following is the press release from ViewSonic Corp on its latest range of LCD monitors – featuring, so it’s claimed, the world’s fastest response times…</p><P>”Demonstrating its technology leadership in the display market, ViewSonic Corp., a worldwide leader in visual display products, today announced the world’s fastest LCD monitors. Featuring ultra-fast 3 millisecond (ms) average video response time across the entire color scale, the 19-inch VX924 and 17-inch VX724 deliver fluid, full-motion images and optimized video performance for a variety of applications.</p><P>With typical “fast-response” displays on the market today having an average gray-to-gray (or intermediate level) response time of 30 to 35ms, ViewSonic’s Xtreme LCD lineup provides response time performance up to 8 times faster. They are ideal for extreme gaming, viewing DVDs, watching television, and even traditional computer usage—such as rapidly scrolling content within a Web site or a document.</p><P>“Achieving the best results with gaming, streaming video and motion application usage has long been the domain of CRT technology,” said Jennifer Gallo, research analyst, IDC. “With manufacturers incorporating better technology, such as faster response times, we should see more of a shift toward LCD displays for these demanding applications.”</p><P>The VX924 and VX724 are the first desktop displays to combine ViewSonic’s proprietary Dynamic Structure™ and Amplified Impulse™ video response acceleration technologies to support rates of up to 250 frames per second across the entire color scale. This advancement produces superior front-of-screen performance for motion video, since the majority of video transitions on games and digital entertainment occur within these intermediate ranges.</p><P>“Breaking down barriers and setting new benchmarks for display technology demonstrates ViewSonic’s unwavering commitment to delivering the highest-quality visual experience,” said Mel Taylor, Vice President Marketing, ViewSonic “Our Xtreme LCD offerings open up new opportunities for our customers and partners by providing exceptional performance for a variety of applications and markets.”</P><P>“These Xtreme displays mark a major milestone in LCD technology,” said John Barnes, Senior Product Manager, ViewSonic. “The 3ms response time across all color scales has allowed us to create the ultimate gaming monitors with motion video performance rivaling the best CRTs.”</p><P>The displays are available now through traditional ViewSonic resellers and distributors.”

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