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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by windfall, Mar 12, 2005.

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    Hi Chaps

    I am looking for a new video card for my new PC. I managed to get a Dell Dimension 5000 3.0 Ghz for a sweet sum of £370 its a 915G motherboard with 250G SATA disk and 1GB ddr2 (400mhz) memory. I got a 7.1 Sound Blaster and 16x DVD burner (but have two in the old PC anyway) the only thing it didnt have was a decent graphics card - and at the price I cannot complain. I have a second 250GB SATA disk for it as well.

    I am thinking of doing the following however and would appreciate your idea's?

    OLD PC - P4-1.7 1GB Rambus 320GB disk and a Gainward GEFORCE 4200Ti golden sample. - Thinking of putting media centre on this PC and setting it up for feeding the plasma in my study for media streaming.

    However if this does not support HD - then the new PC could be used and for this I need a bit of help on how high end a graphics card I should get.

    I pretty much think another GeForce should be good - so am looking at the 6600GT from MSI. But before throwing my money would like some opinions.

    I figure my old PC is not worth a lot so using it for recording TV/etc would be useful and as a dedicated DVD/Divx player for the study would be useful. But is it powerful enough???

    Thanks and regards


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