New V+ Box Install *Quick Question*


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Hi all,

Currently have an old Telewest Pace box. Getting V+ installed early next week with an additional V box in an adjacent room.

Currently preparing for the install and trying to pre-empt some of the work ie drilling hole through wall to run new cable into adjacent room for the 2nd box, moving furniture, lifting carpet etc.

Quick question - will the installer need to run a second cable from the box on the wall (where the cable enters the house from outside) to feed the new v box in the other room; or will he just 'split' the existing feed to my current Pace box (which will be replaced with the V+ box).



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Either is possible so I'd imagine the installer will go for the easist option.

I had a dual internal feed behind the telly (the second was used to feed my Denon tuner with FM broadcast - no longer available :thumbsdow the 'new' radio over TV sounds crap by comparison)

My broadband feed was installed years later from the external box because it was an easier feed for upstairs.


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