New user question on Epson 6030


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Hi folks, hoping someone can help out a new HT user. I just had an installer put in my new HT setup, to include a ceiling mounted Epson 6030. I had them come out again to replace an HDMI cable and noticed that the screen image is now crooked. The top edge looks fine but the bottom edge is crooked. The bottom left is slightly lower and the bottom right is slightly higher. I made slight adjustments to lens shift and keystone with no success. Any suggestions on how I can fine tune the image?


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Would the projector have turned/ tilted slightly when you changed the cable, so that the lens is no longer exactly facing the screen ? That might account for the picture issues.


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Yes, I am thinking the same thing. I'm just not sure where to start. As I mentioned above, I have tried making small adjustments to lens shift/keystone with no luck. I am thinking of adjusting the mount, but I don't see how to make yaw changes on the mount that came with the 6030. Suggestions are welcome!

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