New UK release date for PSP ?

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by neilo, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Sony has apparently pushed back the UK release of the PlayStation Portable to late June, if's PSP product page is to be believed.

    If the site's new date is credible, the delay marks a serious slippage from the late March timeframe Sony originally had in mind for the handheld console's UK debut. first listed 18 March for the PSP's time of arrival. However, last month, amid speculation that Sony had decided to put the Europeaan PSP release back a month, the online retailer changed the date to 29 April. Now it says 24 June.

    The first change hasn't prevented the PSP from reaching number 25 on's sales chart, so there are lot of folk who've pre-ordered the console and are going to have to wait even longer for it.

    The site offers the usual caveat, of course: "release dates are subject to change". However, it's interesting to note that Sony has been telling staffers that the PSP's European release is "at least a few months away", according to company sources cited by

    The PSP's US release is still on course to arrive on 24 March. ®
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    the psp euro launch date will probably only be confirmed after performance can be judged from the US launch, so it will be fixed down in mid april (almost the same time after the jap launch the us date was confirmed)

    but why buy a more expensive euro one? your guess is as good as mine... so you can take advantage of the knowledge of GAME staff?

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