New TX40JXW834 - image error?


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Hello everyone!

Three days ago, i bought a brand new Panasonic TX-40JXW834 TV.
I cant really say anything bad about the overall image quality or the settings etc, its all good.
But i noticed something while playing on the PS5.

There is a weird dark horizontal bar in the middle of the screen. It almost looks like some photo filter
which boosts the brightness of the upper and lower part of the screen but the middle is not affected.
So especially with HDR on, panning the game camera up and down, you can really easy see two bright horizontal edges in the middle of the screen.
None of the Panasonic settings are helping, the dark bar is there with backlight 100 or 50, with brightness 50, 55, 45 ...

Here are some photos:

Panasonic 4.jpg

Panasonic 3.jpg


Pansonic 2.jpg


To make sure, that this is not a Playstation 5 or PS5 HDMI cable problem, i tested the exact same thing
on a Asus PC monitor and a Technisat TV. Here are some photos:

Asus Monitor.jpg

Asus Monitor 2.jpg



I hope you can see, that there is no dark horizontal bar on the Asus or Technisat screen
and i used the exact same console with the exact same cable for the test.
So is this a clear case of a 'malfunction'? Should i return the Panasonic immediately?

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