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I currently have a 2015 Vizio 65M. Been a great TV, but only has 1080. My seating arrangement is fairly wide ... so viewing angle is important.

Wondering if now is a good time to step up to something newer. I have been eyeing up the Samsung Q8DT 75" at Costco. They are running a special right now for $500 gift card with purchase ... so $2699-500. Seems to have fairly good reviews, 4K, wide viewing angle. Guessing the deal is because new models are due out soon. I keep reading about Dolby Atmos/Vision and how the Samsung's dont support. How big of a deal is that? Is there something else I should be looking at? Does the deal make this worth getting?

Family's viewing spans it all ... movies, tv, streaming, video games.

Also, currently using a Vizio soundbar ... so I assume it should work ok with new TV. Maybe in future I will update that as well for an Atmos setup.



Main thing to think about when it comes to future proofing is the ability for the TV to display HDR properly. The Q8DT(variation of the Q80T) is okay, but nothing fantastic in this regard. The Q90T would be better, as would be the Sony X950H.

So whilst its a good discount, and will be more than good enough for most people I'd personally look at alternatives, with the possibility of spending a bit more so the TV lasts longer.

Dolby Vision/HDR10+ support comes secondary to how good the TV can display the native HDR10 layer. This is because a TV with better HDR hardware will reproduce a more impressive HDR picture on a Dolby Vision title than a TV with less impressive HDR hardware will despite having Dolby Vision HDR support.

In the respect of viewing angles. LCD TVs aren't great generally, although the two I've mentioned (and the Q80T) have wide viewing angle filters which will help with that. If your current Vizio uses a VA panel these TVs will be an improvement with viewing angles, but if its IPS then you may be disappointed with their viewing angles. For the best viewing angles, of course OLED is the king.

Any soundbar, included some that are 20 years old will work okay.

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